Global IT Factory’s Curriculum Management System is now live in Australian Catholic University (ACU)

Australian Catholic University is now live with Global IT Factory’s Curriculum Management System, called Curriculum Management Approval System (CMAS) in ACU.


From today, ACU online course information pages and the handbook will be drawn directly from CMAS, which will be the single source of truth for all course and unit information – thereby enhancing our compliance around the integrity of this data.

The resulting improvements will make it easier and more intuitive for prospective students navigating the course browser, and staff will find it easier to use the course approvals process and manage course information.

According to ACU, CMAS represents a dramatic improvement in the way that course and unit information is approved and managed at ACU. It will replace existing fragmented, error-prone manual processes with a single streamlined system, and it will deliver major benefits to both staff and students.

Students will have access to more detailed, accurate and consistent course and unit information, enabling them to make important decisions about their enrolment with greater confidence.

CMAS will save staff time currently spent not only approving and publishing course information, but also identifying, correcting and managing the consequences of the inevitable errors that result from our existing processes.

It will support faster, more responsive publication timelines, greater transparency of course approval processes, and improved compliance with the Higher Education Standards Framework.