White Paper – Curriculum Management: The Need to Change and Adapt Now

Global IT Factory have published an insightful white paper providing the rationale as to why now is the time for Curriculum Management at Higher Education institutions to change and adapt.



Curriculum Management includes all the systems and processes an institution of higher learning uses to manage its curriculum portfolio. Depending on the institution, this portfolio can vary widely from postgraduate and undergraduate awards, to diplomas, certification programs, micro-credentials, and vocational training. Curriculum Management entails the entire curriculum creation, evaluation, review, approval, and promotion processes. In many cases, this also includes the need to deal with regulatory requirements and ensuring alignment to industry-defined professional competencies. Having a reliable system to manage these critical business activities is a must for today’s educational institutions. Such a system must be flexible enough to adapt to a 21st-century workplace’s constantly changing needs. Static, stable, and rarely changing curriculum offerings are a thing of the past. An improved ability to be flexible and responsive to changing curricula needs, therefore, must be the focus of any quest to find a suitable curriculum management system. This paper will look at many of the challenges Universities and other institutions face, and explore a solution that can help conquer those challenges.


You may download the white paper here