Flexible solutions for your Voice business needs: Custom IVR Solutions, Voice Data Capture, Solutions and Speech Recognition Solutions.

Open Standards Voice Platform

Whether you are looking for IVR, Call centre, Data Capture or any other Voice-driven solution, you want a reliable and cost-effective solution using the latest technology. In recent years we have witnessed voice technology has transitioned away from the proprietary IVR systems to the Open standards systems allowing the leveraging of industry standard architecture while reducing the cost of development, maintenance and support.
The foundation for a quality Voice solution must be a stable and versatile Voice platform. For our Voice solution, we have chosen Asterisk Open standards Voice platform. It is an Industry standard Packet Voice PBX and IVR platform. The Asterisk core is complemented, depending on the functionality required, with carefully chosen components (Open Standards or Commercial) which are market leaders in their own domains.

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition applications are different from any other kind of computer applications. They open up a world of possibilities for developers and system analysts. Rather than pressing buttons or interacting with a computer screen, users speak to the computer. Final solutions are always driven by customer requirements with the idea to provide cost-cutting and efficiency improvements. Our consultants work closely with customers to improve business processes and make them go hand in hand with the advanced Speech Recognition technology providing superior solutions.