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  • Collaboration is the capability to distribute curriculum proposals, program rules and maps for review and feedback to groups of reviewers
  • Provides a real-time environment where reviewers, in parallel, review and critique content by leaving and responding to comments made directly on curriculum, proposals and maps.
  • Through the use of highly-visual change tracking, reviewers can optimise their time and effort by focussing only on the areas of change (for example, within an amendment proposal).
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  • Authors and proposers can respond to comments online and in real-time. They can update the content under review and can respond to comments or mark comments as “resolved”.
  • Email notifications are automatically sent to invitees requesting their participation in reviews. Ease-of-use hyperlinks embedded in emails take reviewers directly to the items under review.
Curriculum Management System Screenshot - Collaboration Functionality
  • A dashboard enables review initiators to track and manage the status of reviews, including monitoring those reviewers who have completed, or have yet to complete a review.
  • All feedback comments and tracked changes are recorded and maintained as part of historical information.
Curriculum Management System Screenshot - Collaboration Functionality
  • Supports reviews containing single items (e.g. a Program or Course only) or packages of related information (e.g. a Major, its related Courses, and a Map).
  • Answering the question “Who changed What, When and Why?” can now be swiftly and easily achieved.
Curriculum Management System Screenshot - Collaboration Functionality

Other CMS key features

Course management

Curriculum Design

Provides a centralised, collaborative environment to create, amend and view all types of curriculum – Programs, Courses & Classes.

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Curriculum Mapping icon

Curriculum Mapping

Streamlines curriculum mapping by connecting Graduate Attributes to Program Learning Outcomes, Course Learning Outcomes, Assessment Tasks, and Learning Activities, ensuring each element is effectively traced and aligned as required.

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Curriculum management

Publishing and Integrations

The Publish module provides an extensive set of capabilities to manage the controlled distribution of approved curriculum information to dependant, external systems.

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Online Catalogue

Optional, integrated, and customisable Online Academic Catalogue for publishing to the Web and to PDF.

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VET Curriculum Management

Vocational Education and Training (VET) Curriculum Management capabilities integrated with the TGA ( website, catering to a number of other VET-specific needs.

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