VET Curriculum Management

    • Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) in Australia, delivering Vocational Education and Training (VET) – such as Colleges, TAFE’s and Universities – can now also reap the benefits of using a best-of-breed Curriculum Management System.
    • Using CMS’s rich Mapping capability, the task of ensuring adherence to AQF policies and objectives, such as the AQF Qualifications Pathways Policy is greatly simplified.
    • Whether an organisation is self-accrediting qualifications or is required to gain accreditation through one of the authorised bodies, GITF’s CMS facilitates quality assurance and quality standards for all levels of curricula, from micro-credentials, through VET Qualifications and Units of Competency, all the way to Undergraduate and Postgraduate awards.
VET Course Management
    • Included in the VET functionality, is a sophisticated Trainer Skills Management feature.
    • Registered Training Organisations are required to maintain a register of Trainer Skills, and now you can effortlessly create, and maintain an auditable register of Trainer skills, qualifications, competencies, and capabilities.
    • Definable workflows apply to the skills register, meaning that approvals and due-diligence are readily integrated into your business processes relating to skills management.
A screenshot of a person's profile page on a VET curriculum management platform.
    • The change-tracking capabilities prevalent in the rest of the CMS are also applied in this module, so knowing who changed what and when, can be determined in an instant
    • Available as an optional extra, the suite of VET modules offers enhanced integration with TGA ( to facilitate data population directly from the authoritative source.
    • No more tedious and error-prone cutting and pasting of content relating to ASQA Accredited Courses, Qualifications or Units of Competency. Simply provide the TGA Code and the CMS will be populated with the information you need, where you need it
CMS VET TGA Packaging

Other CMS key features

Course management


Provides a centralised, collaborative environment to create, amend and view all types of curriculum – Programs, Courses & Classes.

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Curriculum Mapping icon


Streamlines curriculum mapping by connecting Graduate Attributes to Program Learning Outcomes, Course Learning Outcomes, Assessment Tasks, and Learning Activities, ensuring each element is effectively traced and aligned as required.

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Global IT Factory icons


Collaboration is the capability to distribute curriculum proposals, program rules and maps for review and feedback to groups of reviewers

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Curriculum management

Publishing and Integrations

The Publish module provides an extensive set of capabilities to manage the controlled distribution of approved curriculum information to dependant, external systems.

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Online Catalogue

Optional, integrated, and customisable Online Academic Catalogue for publishing to the Web and to PDF.

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