CMS Overview

Global IT Factory’s Curriculum Management System (CMS) is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that helps educational institutions design, develop, manage, and publish their curricula. The system provides a structured framework for curriculum management, streamlines the curriculum approval process, and helps institutions collaborate more effectively. With a CMS, institutions can easily adapt their curricula to meet changing market demands and student needs, ensuring high-quality outcomes for students.

Curriculum Management System
Course management


Provides a centralised, collaborative environment to create, amend and view all types of curriculum – Programs, Courses & Classes.

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Course catalogue


Enables the tracing of attributes such as Graduate Attributes to Program Learning Outcomes, to Course Learning Outcomes, to Assessment Tasks and Learning Activities as required.

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Collaboration is the capability to distribute curriculum proposals, program rules and maps for review and feedback to groups of reviewers

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Curriculum management

Publishing and Integrations

The Publish module provides an extensive set of capabilities to manage the controlled distribution of approved curriculum information to dependant, external systems.

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Online Catalogue

Optional, integrated, and customisable Online Academic Catalogue for publishing to the Web and to PDF.

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VET Curriculum Management

Vocational Education and Training (VET) Curriculum Management capabilities integrated with the TGA ( website, catering to a number of other VET-specific needs.

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