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Curriculum Mapping

Our Curriculum Management System’s Curriculum Mapping functionality offers a robust mapping framework:


  • Facilitates Curriculum Mapping: Enables the precise mapping of Graduate Attributes to Program and Course Learning Outcomes, Assessment Tasks, and Learning Activities. Ensures a strategic alignment of curriculum components.
  • Assures Compliance with Standards: Curriculum Mapping assesses the curriculum against benchmarks set by regulators (e.g., TEQSA, AQF) and professional bodies (e.g., IEAust, CPA), aligning with both external mandates and the university’s internal standards.
  • Provides Insightful Curriculum Mapping Data: Offers faculties detailed insights into the curriculum structure. Showcases how each course contributes to the overall program objectives, thereby fostering a unified educational strategy.
  • Identifies Program Gaps: Curriculum Mapping ensures any gaps in program offerings are visible and easily identifiable, facilitating timely enhancements.
Screenshot of a curriculum mapping tool for a bachelor of engineering (honors) program showing course attendance and workload distribution over semesters.
  • Includes Comprehensive Mapping Tools: Comes equipped with tools to formally “map” curriculum against established criteria, including the creation of assessment reports and the formal linking of objectives to evidence within courses.
  • Visualises Data with Curriculum Mapping Heatmaps: Allows for the generation of heatmaps, offering a visual representation of multi-year awards against required competencies, enhancing understanding and strategic planning.
  • Supports Version Control: All Curriculum Mappings and assessments are managed with version control, ensuring historical records are retrievable and reusable as needed, providing consistency and reliability in curriculum development.


Through Curriculum Mapping, our system streamlines curriculum design, assessment, and refinement, meeting the dynamic demands of educational institutions. It ensures that curricula are well-structured and compliant with regulatory standards.

A curriculum mapping of a bachelor of engineering program course structure with a four-year plan showing various courses and credit allocations.

Other CMS key features

Course management

Curriculum Design

Curriculum Management System offers a centralised platform to create, amend, and view all types of curriculum—Programs, Courses, and Classes. It features configurable dashboards for easy navigation and a template-driven design for standardisation and flexibility. The system includes an intuitive workflow engine to streamline approvals and a comprehensive reporting tool to monitor curriculum status. This ensures a collaborative, accessible environment that supports the dynamic needs of educational institutions.

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Curriculum Management System enhances collaboration by allowing the distribution of curriculum proposals, program rules, and maps for review. Reviewers can provide feedback in real time, with a focus on recent changes thanks to visual change tracking. Features include automated email notifications to streamline review processes and a dashboard for managing and tracking feedback, ensuring an efficient review cycle and accurate record-keeping.

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Curriculum management

Publishing and Integrations

Publish module efficiently manages the distribution of approved curriculum information, ensuring secure and controlled integration with external systems. It provides robust APIs for real-time access and supports seamless connectivity with a variety of systems, including but not limited to, Student Management Systems like Oracle’s PeopleSoft, Ellucian Banner, and other downstream platforms. This versatility ensures consistent and secure dissemination of curriculum data across diverse systems.

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Online Catalogue

Our Online Academic Catalogue is a flexible and customisable solution for publishing to the Web and PDF. It allows seamless publishing of programs, courses, and curriculum information with options for integration. Universities can tailor the format and layout to meet their specific needs.

The catalogue provides immediate, searchable access to up-to-date academic content for students and staff, enhancing information retrieval. It supports faceted searching to aid in enrollment decisions and is fully responsive, ensuring it functions beautifully on any device.

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VET Curriculum Management

Vocational Education and Training (VET) Curriculum Management capabilities integrated with the TGA ( website, catering to a number of other VET-specific needs.

Whether an organisation is self-accrediting qualifications or needs to gain accreditation through authorised bodies, our CMS supports robust quality assurance processes. It ensures high standards across all levels of curricula, from micro-credentials and VET Qualifications to Units of Competency, as well as Undergraduate and Postgraduate awards. This comprehensive support makes it an indispensable tool for VET providers aiming to deliver exceptional educational outcomes.

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