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HEUG Asia 23 Presentation: Transforming Curriculum into a Strategic Asset

Global IT Factory is thrilled to present the insights and knowledge shared during our session at the recent HEUG Asia 23 Conference in Hong Kong. The presentation, titled “Managing Curriculum as a Strategic Asset”, delved deep into the importance of curriculum as a primary asset of an educational institution, influencing not only its identity but also its approach to teaching and learning.


This comprehensive presentation covers the current state of curriculum management in many institutions, outlining the traditional, often manual, processes of curriculum lifecycle – Create, Implement, and Review. The inherent inefficiencies and limitations of this approach are also discussed, emphasising the need for a more streamlined, efficient solution.


Our presentation introduces the benefits of adopting a Curriculum Management Solution (CMS) as part of your institutional strategy. By digitising curriculum records and incorporating online features into the approval process, a CMS can greatly enhance curriculum management. We also explore the future state of curriculum lifecycle management, envisioning a scenario where CMS serves as the single source of curriculum truth.


In addition, we highlight the potential for improved student experience and strategic insights through this consolidated digital curriculum record. We assert that by managing their curriculum strategically, institutions can unlock new curriculum opportunities, increase agility in their offerings, and prepare for a future where AI will be embedded in curriculum management.


The value of strategic curriculum management is apparent. Explore the detailed discussion in our presentation for more insights into this transformative approach to curriculum management.


Download the full presentation here Download the full presentation


Dive deep into the discussion and uncover how your institution can leverage curriculum as a strategic asset.



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