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Successful CMS Implementation at NUS: Enhancing Efficiency and Collaboration

We are delighted to share the exciting news of the successful go-live of the Curriculum Management System (CMS) at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Embarking on this journey in October 2021, we have partnered with NUS to transform the way they create, review, approve, and view student curriculum modules and programme proposals.


The CMS, replacing paper and email-based manual processes, introduces a centralised, collaborative online platform. With the ability to track end-to-end processes from curriculum creation to information storage, it becomes an essential source of both current and historical data.


Seamlessly integrated with NUS’s existing infrastructure, the CMS stands as a reliable, auditable, and single source of truth for all curriculum information.


At present, the CMS is home to approximately 20,000 NUS modules and 1,400 programme data entries, actively serving 17 faculties and schools. The digitisation of the CMS has brought forth an estimated potential savings of around 950 man-days annually.


With its unprecedented automation and transparency, the CMS elevates curriculum planning and creation to a whole new level. It encourages higher levels of teamwork and collaboration among staff, ensuring a more efficient and streamlined curriculum management process.


We are immensely proud to have partnered with NUS on this transformative journey. For more information on the outcomes of the CMS implementation, visit NUS’s IT Report Card 2022 here.


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