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Global IT Factory Webinar: Creating New Value from Your Curriculum

In a recent UK-targeted webinar hosted by Global IT Factory (GITF), academic leaders from the United Kingdom and Australia gathered to discuss the evolving field of curriculum development and management in higher education. The session, expertly facilitated by Natalie Stanford, Product Manager at GITF, delved into innovative strategies for universities to align their curriculums with modern educational challenges and improve student outcomes.


Key Discussion Points

Integrated Learning Elements:

The panel discussed the importance of integrating varied learning elements like degree apprenticeships, micro-credentials, and work-based learning opportunities into the curriculum. This integration aims to make education more practical, flexible, and relevant to the current job market.


Comparative Analysis of Curriculum Structures:

A significant part of the discussion was dedicated to comparing curriculum structures between the UK and Australia. Insights were shared on student progression and module selection, highlighting how regional differences influence curriculum management and student experiences.


Quality and Success Measurement Standards:

The UK’s approach to measuring the quality and success of educational programs was also discussed. This webinar emphasised the need for robust measurement standards that can adapt to the diverse and changing needs of students, ensuring the curriculum remains relevant and effective.


The panel included esteemed academic leaders: Professor Rob Fitzgerald, Dr. Kathy Charles, Professor Louise King, and Professor Jonathan Powles, who brought valuable perspectives from their extensive experience in curriculum management. They discussed the challenges and strategies involved in aligning curriculums with industry requirements as well as the rapid pace of technological advancements like AI.


Global IT Factory highlighted the role of agile curriculum management systems in helping educational institutions rapidly adapt to new learning paradigms and market demands, ensuring the relevance and value of educational programs.


If you want to receive a link to the recording of the webinar, know more about our future events and webinars or learn about our Curriculum Management system, contact us at [email protected]


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