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White Paper – Implementing Curriculum Management System in UAE Higher Education

Global IT Factory has published an insightful white paper detailing how higher education institutions can navigate regulatory compliance and enhance educational quality in UAE through a transformative Curriculum Management System (CMS).




The rapid expansion of the tertiary education sector in the UAE, driven by the country’s ambitious economic agenda, has necessitated the development of stringent regulatory frameworks. These regulations, enforced by bodies such as the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA), ensure that higher education institutions adhere to high standards of academic quality and integrity. Achieving and maintaining accreditation involves significant investment in qualified staff, quality facilities, and rigorous documentation processes.


In this context, Global IT Factory’s Curriculum Management System (CMS) emerges as a crucial tool for higher education institutions. Our CMS offers a flexible templated system that allows institutions to define the fields to be captured at each stage of the curriculum lifecycle, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and enabling quick access and reporting.


Additionally, the CMS provides a seamless platform for creating and maintaining accurate curriculum maps, essential for demonstrating compliance and ensuring the coherence of educational offerings. With customisable workflows and role-based permissions, the CMS ensures control over curriculum development and quality assurance, further enhanced by audit trail logs and change tracking.


Through these strategic implementations, the CMS allows universities and other tertiary sector institutions to not only meet regulatory requirements but also enhance the overall educational experience for their stakeholders. The CMS is an indispensable tool in any university’s quest for excellence in education and research, setting a benchmark for other institutions facing similar accreditation challenges.


You may download the white paper here


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